To make Wood Buffalo the safest region in Canada to live, learn, work & play. SCWB

To be safe & healthy in all we do.

Safe Community Wood Buffalo is a charitable organization that has been supporting safety initiatives in our region since 1992. Through collaboration with community stakeholders & funders we work daily to provide a safer and healthier region for all.
SCWB aims to deliver programs & initiatives that align with the following goals:
-Education & awareness -Support of injury prevention initiatives. -Advocacy for effective policies & programs -Development of partnerships with other stakeholders
How are we achieving our purpose in Wood Buffalo?

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Safe Community Wood Buffalo

Prevention is key. At the core of all our initiatives is the focus of injury prevention. From wearing the proper gear to ensuring your child is riding as safe as possible in your vehicle, there are ways to minimize the risk of injury in all areas of our lives.
Up to 95% of all injuries are predictable & preventable.
Take the time to get the education needed to ensure you & your family are safe.

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SCWB highlights & updates.

Buckled Up for Bucks
Buckled Up for Bucks
12 hours buckled up accepting donations for Safe Community Wood Buffalo.
Summer Safety Park Bounce
Summer Safety Park Bounce
Bringing Bike safety to local neighbourhoods. Thank you RCMP, Bylaw Services, Mix 103.7 & Coverall Uniform Linen & Mats!
Coverall 5K Glo Run
Coverall 5K Glo Run
Coverall 5K Glo Run 2019